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Advertising Balloons, Advertising Blimps,advertising inflatables, helium balloons and helium advertising balloons manufactured in the USA.

We manufacture the highest quality helium advertising balloons used for sales and promotions. Our blimps are made in the USA with polyurethane not pvc. PVC is heavy, porous and contains volatile organics. Our blimps will fly better than any comparable size blimp - - in fact our 11ft. helium blimp flys better than 15ft. pvc blimps and our polyurethane is stronger than pvc. We're happy to send you a small sample of our material to compare to pvc. You will notice the difference!
We offer many different sizes of helium advertising balloons.
Helium blimps are a cost-effective means to convey your message. Blimps can be made custom by having the body one or more colors and the fins one or more different colors. Larger advertising blimps can also have hanging vertical banners attached to them.
Helium advertising balloons can attract attention from miles!
Our blimps and advertising balloons help create excitement and traffic for your sale or event.

Call Brenda @ 1-800-791-1445 for Advertising Balloons!

helium balloon blimps - 11 ft. helium blimp with logo - from $725.00 - plain blimps from $461.00 advertising blimps - 20ft. blimp with Suzuki logo - $1825.00 - plain 20ft. blimp from $1334.00 helium advertising balloon - 17ft. blimp without lettering from $951.00 17ft. helium blimp with logo or lettering from $1320.00. Custom colors available! advertising balloon - 14 ft. helium blimp with Century 21 logo - from $1034.00 - plain blimps from $665.00 - blimps are great for marking sales offices and open houses advertising balloons - 20ft. blimp with Sonic Drive-Ins logo - $1825.00 - plain 20ft. helium blimp from $1334.00 - many blimp colors. helium advertising balloons - 14ft. blimp without lettering from $665.00 14ft. helium blimp with logo or lettering from $1034.00. Custom colors available!
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